Monday 19 October 2015

Fowl deeds afoot on The Carrs

Last Sunday I received a 'phone call about a lone chicken on the skate park.  On further investigation I discovered a young ginger chicken,standing and rather nonchalantly I might add, watching the skateboarding lads......

The boys didn't know where she had come from but thought perhaps she had just been dumped by somebody.  How strange!

As it was getting rather late in the day I took her home with me (she was very tame and friendly) and put her with the rest of my chooks.  She stayed with us all week - mixed well with the other chickens and produced a beautiful dark brown egg every day.

Tweets and a Facebook search were proving fruitless until on Friday my dad's carer put an entry on the Handforth resident's Facebook page.  Almost immediately she was contacted by lovely man called Ian who had lost his ginger chicken, Tracey, on Sunday afternoon. (Yes - he has three chickens, Sharon, Tracey and Dorian - get it? ).  He lives right up off Dean Row Road so what on earth had happened there I don't know.  Anyway,  contact was made,  Ian came round to my house and a heart-warming re-union took place.   Apparently Ian's daughter who is autistic had been distraught at the loss of her pet and Ian had been out and bought 2 more chickens in the meantime (so they now have 5!).  

If every we needed proof of the power of social media this is it......

Whilst I am on the subject I have had a beautiful. male pheasant hanging around in my garden (right next to The Carrs) for the last 10 days or so.   I think he's worked out that there is chicken food around and has got into the rather endearing habit of  arriving for breakfast and lunch. 

Here he is wating for his dinner (the food is in the dustbin)


 I have no  idea where he has come from.  Does anybody have any ideas?

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