Thursday 25 February 2016

We do hope the Guardian don't mind us reproducing this fascinating article from last weekend.

All very interesting but please take note that the Japanese Knotweed in The Carrs IS routinely treated with herbicide so whatever you do don't go picking it and making a crumble!

If you happen to have some of the dreaded invader in your garden though, why not give it a try?  It's probably the best way of getting rid of it!


  1. On the question of invasive species, a mink has been seen in the Bollin downstream from the footbridge. Another has been seen in the Bollin as it runs through the field below Wilmslow Park.

    If these creatures are not trapped and killed they will decimate all the wildlife in their stretch of the Bollin. They will then move on to the next stretch. I would suggest that urgent action needs to be taken. I would be happy to help with traps, of which I have two. If anyone is interested in taking action, through the auspices of the Friends of the Carrs, please let me know.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up, Jumbo Driver

  3. Hi Jumbo Driver
    Your message has provoked a flurry of emails, including some from people in the Bollin Valley Trust. It turns out that they, and the National Trust in Styal, have been aware of this for some time. They tell me that there is mink along the whole of the Bollin (and the Dean!). These are being trapped and controlled in an ad-hoc manner by the NT here, Hale Golf Club, various angling clubs and some farmers at the Lymm end. However, the effort needed to do it properly would require far more man-power and money than is available. A familiar story. One suggestion was that you could contact BASC (British Association of Shooting and Fishing), who may be able to advise with regards to the steps that can be taken to implement trapping and shooting regimes yourself.
    Thanks again for your help.